Friday, 28 January 2011

What’s in your wardrobe?

You may disagree, but we’ve been thinking about the essential items every man should have in their wardrobe for those formal or semi-formal occasions. You may disagree, but we think that the following will cover most eventualities from weddings to interviews or even a date! And we’ve got them all at Jolliman.

1. A Suit. You should have at least one in your wardrobe and if you are only having one then make it dark and single-breasted. Buying a classic style means that you can update it with shirt and other accessories as trends change. Why not try our 2 Piece Suit it’s perfect whatever the occasion and currently available with additional Suit Trousers at only £8!

2. Dress Trousers. Choose a dark colour like black or navy and a classic fit. These will cover you for those smart / casual events when jeans or chino’s just won’t do. Try our Flex N Stretch Trousers or Farah Frogmouths for classic styling and comfort.

3. A White Dress Shirt. It’ll look great with anything from a suit to jeans, so it really is a wardrobe essential. Wear it under that other wardrobe essential, the v-neck sweater and you’ll be looking suave before you know it! Click here to see our Double TWO shirts.

4. A Classic Sweater. You don’t get much more classic than our range of Tootal knitwear comprising V-neck Sweater, Slip-over, Cardigan and Sleeveless Cardigan. All available in Burgundy, Suede and Navy.

5. Ties – and lots of them! Your Tie can reflect your mood as well as any prevailing style. It can update an outfit and is perfect with a suit or worn with a shirt and sweater. Chose from Silk or Polyester Ties in a variety of colours and designs.

6. Black Shoes and Belt. Never ever go anywhere with shoes and belt that don’t match, it just looks like you don’t care! We’ve got a great range of Shoes and Belts to choose from that won’t break the bank so there’s just no excuse….