Monday, 24 January 2011

The Joy of V-necks

Our Tootal V-neck Sweaters and Slip-Overs are not just great value for money but are also a classic item that your wardrobe should not be without and here’s why.

1. V-necks will never go out of style. They have been around forever and aren’t about to disappear any time soon
2. For chubbier men, V-neck's have a slimming effect. They free up the neck area and take the focus away from the rounder area of the neck and jaw.
3. V-necks can be combined with all types of trousers, whether it’s our classic Lincoln Cords, Quality Plus Trousers or Jolliman Jeans. V-necks can be tucked in or left out to create the perfect look.
4. Wear your V-neck with a blazer and no tie for an updated look. We've got an Oxford Blazer or Houndstooth Jacket that'll do the trick!

So keep it simple and always look good without spending a fortune!