Monday, 17 January 2011

Toasty Fingers & Toes

Lots of research abounds about fingers and toes recently and we thought it was only right to pass it on!

Want sweet feet, no sweat? A study by the University of Otago in New Zealand discovered that natural wool socks have better odour resistance than their counterparts. So for sweet feet why not try our HJ Hall Botany Wool Rich Softop Socks, £5 a pair or 4 pairs for £18 and you’ll come up smelling of roses!

Michael Tipton, Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Portsmouth, says our extremities dictate how hot or cold we feel. If our hands are chilly, we’ll feel cold all over. We’ve got the answer in our Fleece Lined Leather Gloves at only £5.98. With a fleece lining for comfort and warmth and a storm cuff so the wind can’t get inside!

So don’t ignore the experts or you’ve only yourself to blame for being cold and less than fragrant!