Friday, 28 January 2011

What’s in your wardrobe?

You may disagree, but we’ve been thinking about the essential items every man should have in their wardrobe for those formal or semi-formal occasions. You may disagree, but we think that the following will cover most eventualities from weddings to interviews or even a date! And we’ve got them all at Jolliman.

1. A Suit. You should have at least one in your wardrobe and if you are only having one then make it dark and single-breasted. Buying a classic style means that you can update it with shirt and other accessories as trends change. Why not try our 2 Piece Suit it’s perfect whatever the occasion and currently available with additional Suit Trousers at only £8!

2. Dress Trousers. Choose a dark colour like black or navy and a classic fit. These will cover you for those smart / casual events when jeans or chino’s just won’t do. Try our Flex N Stretch Trousers or Farah Frogmouths for classic styling and comfort.

3. A White Dress Shirt. It’ll look great with anything from a suit to jeans, so it really is a wardrobe essential. Wear it under that other wardrobe essential, the v-neck sweater and you’ll be looking suave before you know it! Click here to see our Double TWO shirts.

4. A Classic Sweater. You don’t get much more classic than our range of Tootal knitwear comprising V-neck Sweater, Slip-over, Cardigan and Sleeveless Cardigan. All available in Burgundy, Suede and Navy.

5. Ties – and lots of them! Your Tie can reflect your mood as well as any prevailing style. It can update an outfit and is perfect with a suit or worn with a shirt and sweater. Chose from Silk or Polyester Ties in a variety of colours and designs.

6. Black Shoes and Belt. Never ever go anywhere with shoes and belt that don’t match, it just looks like you don’t care! We’ve got a great range of Shoes and Belts to choose from that won’t break the bank so there’s just no excuse….

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Joy of V-necks

Our Tootal V-neck Sweaters and Slip-Overs are not just great value for money but are also a classic item that your wardrobe should not be without and here’s why.

1. V-necks will never go out of style. They have been around forever and aren’t about to disappear any time soon
2. For chubbier men, V-neck's have a slimming effect. They free up the neck area and take the focus away from the rounder area of the neck and jaw.
3. V-necks can be combined with all types of trousers, whether it’s our classic Lincoln Cords, Quality Plus Trousers or Jolliman Jeans. V-necks can be tucked in or left out to create the perfect look.
4. Wear your V-neck with a blazer and no tie for an updated look. We've got an Oxford Blazer or Houndstooth Jacket that'll do the trick!

So keep it simple and always look good without spending a fortune!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

How to be smart, casually

We all know how hard it is to get that smart-casual look just right. So when a suit is too formal but jeans are too relaxed use our handy hints to help to fill the gap.

Keep your colour palette sober-especially in winter. Trousers should be a blank canvas to base the rest of your outfit on so try our navy Navy Rugby Trousers at £17. Team them with the warm tan of our Tan Touch Fastening Shoes and echo this with our 1 ¼” Brown Leather Belt to bring out the blue hue of the navy trousers.

We’ve got a great range of men’s Trousers that have been selected for keen pricing and great quality so whether it’s Formal or Casual Trousers you’re after make Jolliman your first stop.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Toasty Fingers & Toes

Lots of research abounds about fingers and toes recently and we thought it was only right to pass it on!

Want sweet feet, no sweat? A study by the University of Otago in New Zealand discovered that natural wool socks have better odour resistance than their counterparts. So for sweet feet why not try our HJ Hall Botany Wool Rich Softop Socks, £5 a pair or 4 pairs for £18 and you’ll come up smelling of roses!

Michael Tipton, Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Portsmouth, says our extremities dictate how hot or cold we feel. If our hands are chilly, we’ll feel cold all over. We’ve got the answer in our Fleece Lined Leather Gloves at only £5.98. With a fleece lining for comfort and warmth and a storm cuff so the wind can’t get inside!

So don’t ignore the experts or you’ve only yourself to blame for being cold and less than fragrant!

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year, New You?

Looking to update your wardrobe, well now’s the time to do it! Whether you’re looking for a dapper suit or some casual separates we’ve got it covered.

Our Jolliman 2 Piece Suit is available in Grey and Black at the bargain price of only £55. You can accessorise with our range of shirts, shoes, coats, socks & ties and cufflinks and even undies so no need to shop anywhere else.

If you are looking for a more casual, weekend look our pure cotton Lincoln Cords are due back in stock any day now and the price hasn’t changed from 2010. You can still get 1 pair for £20 or two for £30, a saving of £10. Team this with our Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, still £10 each or 2 for £14, and a Tootal Cardigan for £34 or 2 for £62 and you’ll have the perfect weekend look.

Either way with our Sale well under way you can’t afford not to visit Jolliman.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It’s Sale time!

Happy New Year and its back to work with a bang at Jolliman as our Winter Sale begins. Plus for the first time we have a Free Prize Draw where the lucky winner will receive £100 worth of Jolliman clothing. All you need to do is give us your email address and you are entered – it couldn’t be simpler! Click here if you'd like to enter.

We’ve got savings up to 75% in the Sale, plus there is no VAT price increase, so all of your favourites that may not be in the Sale are still at 2010 prices. Non Sale items such as our Quality Plus Trousers are still only £12 or £20 for 2 pairs, Regatta Action Trousers are still only £19 or £30 for 2 pairs and Long Sleeve Tattersall Shirts are still only £12 or £30 for 3.

If it’s a Sale bargain you are looking for then we have Cotton Stretch Trousers for only £10, Houndstooth Jackets for only £25, Regatta Stormproof Jackets for only £7.50 and a range of Footwear from as little as £10. Our stocks are limited so don’t delay or you might miss out!