Monday, 28 March 2011

The right trousers

With apologies to those of you who have been wearing your trousers the right way for a while, we thought that we’d give some tips to make sure that you can always look your best whether you’re formal or casual.

1. Trouser Length
If you’re wearing smart shoes then avoid too much bunching at the ankle. All of our men’s trousers are available in at least 3 lengths so there should be no excuse for concertina legs!

2. On the waist or below the waist
It’s more than OK to wear your jeans below the waist, in fact it’s de rigueur! We do advise not so low that any amount of underpants are on view however! If you’re wearing smarter trousers we’d always advise on the waist but never up under your armpits!

3. Plain or patterned.
Our advice would be to go for plain trousers and then jazz up your outfit with a Check Jacket or Check Shirt or even a Jacquard Sweater.All of our men’s trousers are available in at least 2 colour-ways if not more, so you’ll find a colour to suit you.

4. Crease or no crease
We know that you all love a good crisp crease down the front of your trouser legs, so I take a very deep breath before I say this. If the trousers you buy don’t have a crease then please don’t add one! Honestly, they’ve been designed to be worn that way and they really will look so much better.

At the end of the day we know that you’ll wear your trousers whichever way makes you comfortable and happy, but next time your buying some new men’s trousers please bear our helpful tips in mind!