Thursday, 10 March 2011

Get the look

Back from the photo-shoot and I can confirm that we worked really hard and had no fun whatsoever, but we did get some great shots of products old and new. OK that’s not all entirely true. We did in fact have a lot of laughs as well as getting some great shots of new products and old favourites!

For example why not release your inner James Bond (or Milk Tray Man!) in our Houndstooth Jacket, black Polo Neck Jersey and Quality Plus Trousers. We can’t guarantee that you’ll look as suave as Mark (pictured) but you’ll feel confident, stylish and smug!

Why smug, because all 3 items will cost you only £75 and you’ve got three key pieces that can take you from formal to smart casual to down-right laid-back when teamed with other styles.

You can see more of our hard work in the Spring 2011 catalogue that will be dropping on doormats from 28th March. If you aren’t already registered then why not drop us a catalogue request?