Friday, 30 July 2010

What's new?

We’re just getting the winter catalogue put together after a very successful photo-shoot where neither the heat-wave nor the gale force storms that were promised bothered us. Our winter catalogue will be available from 23rd August with lots of brand new products and new colourways of old favourites, so if you haven’t already registered to get one, click here to give us your details. You really don't want to miss the new range of products that have been lovingly put together for you!

Your favourite Regatta Fleece Jacket which was only available in Navy or Royal Blue will soon be available in 8 colours including the Red version shown. You may also just be able to make out a T-shirt under the fleece which we will also be selling in the 4 colours that you can’t be without – white, black, navy and grey marl. We’ll have all your basic leisure wardrobe elements covered including our short sleeve polo and long sleeve polo, so no need to shop anywhere else.

I can't wait to give you more product spoilers – I hope that you are excited as we all are here at Jolliman.