Thursday, 22 July 2010

Action Trousers in Route 66

We received a fantastic email from a customer this week which is a ringing endorsement of the Regatta Action Trouser. Here is a slightly shortened version of what Mr Roger L. Wood had to say to us.

Earlier this year I purchased 2 pairs of Regatta Action Trousers for £30. What an excellent buy they were! Their intended purpose was to provide comfort and durability when I travelled to America and drove…Route 66 and beyond. Over the 10 weeks of our journey I alternated the 2 pairs, washing them numerous times at many hotels and motels across the country.They seem to stay clean for an unbelievable length of time and look good whether I walked in a small town diner or a more sophisticated establishment. They didn’t crease or go baggy at the knees and dried quickly if they got splashed at any time. So at £15 a pair, an absolute bargain! If these trousers can stand 10 weeks …over a combined distance of 10,000 miles, it says a great deal about the quality of the product.THE ONLY TROUSERS ABLE TO COPE WITH ROUTE 66…AND STILL LOOK GOOD

If you were ever in doubt about the quality or value for money of these trousers, I think that this will convince you that you need to add some of these to your wardrobe now. Whether you’re planning an expedition or a short trip the Regatta Action Trousers are the only trousers you’ll ever need and now they are available in black too, there really is no excuse!