Friday, 28 June 2013

Hats Off to Teddy

If you're feeling like summer has already passed us by, don't worry - BBC weather promises we can expect more sun tomorrow - just in time for the weekend and Wimbledon!

We find at this time of years that our Panama Style Hats are flying out the door - and that got us wondering about their history . . .

The Panama, or Toquilla, Straw Hat is traditionally a straw brimmed hat made in Ecuador where local producers have been hand-weaving them since the 17th century!

It was a favourite with prospectors heading for the Californian gold rush . . . But it was really Theodore Roosevelt who increased their popularity after he was photographed wearing one on the construction site of the Panama Canal.

Our Panama Style Hat may not be hand woven in Ecuador - but it's still superb quality at an amazing price. It's foldable too and even comes in its own reusable storage tube to help preserve its shape - and ensure that it's easy-pack. Perfect for your suitcase!

Image thanks to VIVA Travel Guides News