Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Presents - Part VII

We’ve got lots of cosy Christmas gifts like our new Snuggle Up Blanket, pictured. Yes as the name suggests, it is a fleece blanket for you to snuggle up in, but with the added bonus of sleeves.

No more getting warm cosy and snuggled up and then having to uncover your arms to change TV channel or drink you favourite beverage! It’s available in Blue or Red and at just £9.50 it’s a cracking bargain.

If you think that a blanket is a step too far then check out our Supersoft Fleece Robe. It should be called amazingly soft or stupendously soft as you really will be amazed at just how soft it is. As you may be able to tell it’s one of my favourites and I hope it will soon be one of yours.