Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jolliman Prize Draw Winner

We were delighted to send our prize draw winner his Jolliman gift vouchers worth £100 this week. Our winner was Shaun Hagerty who was delighted to hear that he was the winner!

Personally I can’t wait to see what he is going to buy and with our fantastically low price that £100 is going to go a long way.

What would I pick with £100 to spend? I would definitely be selecting some of the key classic pieces for my wardrobe.

How about Summer Jacket (£40), Broad Check Shirt (£14.50), Jolliman Jeans (£15) and Boat Shoes (£24.50). Not only a complete informal look for just £96, but key pieces that will mix and match with anything already in your wardrobe.

If that’s not your style then you could try our Harrington Style Jacket (£24), Farah Check Shirt (£22), Super Soft Chinos (£29) and Touch Fastening Shoes (£19). All of this for just £94 so you could pick one of our fantastic Baseball Caps or a pair of HJ Hall Socks to use the remaining £6.

As you can see your money goes the distance at Jolliman.