Friday, 11 February 2011

To Gym or Stretch Waist Trousers?

Still feeling the pinch after a big blow out Christmas? Need to give yourself room to move? It’s still cold and dark in the mornings, so we know it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed for an early morning gym session or run to get rid of those extra pounds around the middle.

Why worry? At Jolliman we’ve got a wide selection of stretch waist trousers so you can be comfortable all day and forget the gym! And with a variety of discreet stretch devises no-one need know.

Classic Moleskin Trousers have discreet self adjusting panels at the waistband, which will expand and contract as you move.

We’ve also added belt loops to our Rugby Trousers so that not only do you have the comfort of an elasticated waist with draw-cord fastening, now you can wear them with a belt from our fine selection. No-one will know that you’re wearing stretch waist trousers unless you want them to – it’ll be our little secret!

There are so many other styles to choose from like our Comfi-Stretch Trouser or Clip-to-Fit Trousers so forget the gym – I’m sure you can find something far more enjoyable to do with your time.