Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lenny or Duncan?

An odd question you may think, but it’s actually referring to our 2 new Trapper Hats which were just made for this cold wintry weather. Both have adjustable ear flaps and faux fur trim to keep your ears toasty not just your head for only £9.50!

Lenny is designed for the cold with a waxed poly/cotton and faux fur head piece. The ear flaps fold down to keep you snug and warm and there’s a fully quilted lining. Ear flaps just fold upwards and slide clip fasten when not required.

Duncan is a whole different ball game! A fun geometric design outer that shouts I’m game for a laugh and would suit him or her! Flaps are adjustable so you can just tie them up if your ears get too hot or if you just want a change of style.

If you’re not off trapping and you’d prefer something more traditional then we’ve got our Corduroy Flat Cap in black, navy or olive green at £7 or our Tweed Flat Cap for £9.