Thursday, 10 June 2010

Cryptic cartoons

We have a mystery cartoon artist keeping us all amused at the Jolliman office this week. We can only assume that it is a happy customer who wants to return some of the joy that we’ve given them!

In the post this week we have received 2 pictures cut from a newspaper with someone’s comic musings added. No other messages contained and no name given. We’re all on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment and debating whether they are publishable or not!

If you are that mystery cartoonist we’d all like to thank you and say keep them coming – we always appreciate a good laugh.

Don't forget it's only 10 days until Father's Day. You could take a leaf from the mystery cartooonists book and create your own work of art for your Dad, but why not check out our Accessories dept for jazzy braces or argyll socks. I'll be plumping for the Panama Style Hat , after all an outfit just isn't complete without a Panama.